World To End Because of a Single Airplane

I’m not going to say that Martin Hickman of The Independent is a tad obsessed… I’ll let him tell you during his report of the new Airbus A380 superjumbo jet landing at Heathrow:

Europe’s giant of the sky lands at Heathrow

Bigger than a jumbo jet, the future of air travel flew into Britain yesterday, showing off its gigantic proportions and prompting concern about its impact on climate change.

Now a single aircraft can change the climate on a whole planet? The environmental whackjob crowd is on full tilt.

The product of a grand European alliance, the Airbus A380, touched down at a specially reinforced runway at Heathrow at 1.20pm with a Union Flag fluttering from the cockpit.

Among waiting dignitaries, Gordon Brown hailed the four-nation aeroplane as an example of “Europe at its best” and a triumph of British engineering.

With a wingspan of 79m, the Airbus A380 is by far and away the world’s biggest plane. It can fly further, more cheaply and is sometimes more green than a Boeing 747, seating up to 840 economy passengers compared with a jumbo’s 416, though most airlines favour the less environmentally friendly seating of 480.

Its development opens the era of superjumbo planes capable of matching the 21st century’s rapacious desire for travel, for business and pleasure. It also poses fresh questions about whether this will lead to more passengers flying round the world in bigger jets, contributing to aviation emissions that threaten catastrophic and irreversible global warming.

He congratulated Rolls-Royce, whose engines powered the A380, for producing, some of the “quietest and cleanest engines” ever made. Airbus says the A380 will produce 12 per cent fewer emissions per passenger than a jumbo jet.

Environmentalists warned that the Airbus still had the capacity to worsen climate change by encouraging air travel.

Richard Dyer, of Friends of the Earth, said: “If you said we are not going to increase the amount of people who fly, and they all fly on Airbus A380s, it would reduce emissions. Unfortunately this is part of a trend in air travel; a plane that is a bit cleaner and more efficient comes along every 30 years.”

I wonder where the reporter stands on global warming? I thought this was a story about a new aircraft. Apparently Martin Hickman thought otherwise. You can all but see him wringing his hands and trying to dry the tears at the thought of people flying.

If you have any doubt that the people pushing global warming are kooks, re-read that last quote:

“Unfortunately this is part of a trend in air travel; a plane that is a bit cleaner and more efficient comes along every 30 years.”

The horrors! Making planes that are cleaner and more efficient is a BAD thing to the nutjobs. This proves they don’t want greener technology as they claim. Rush Limbaugh makes the case that the modern environmental movement is the new home for socialists. Quotes like that one make it hard to argue against that point.

It’s no wonder so many people believe the global warming hoax. When you have skewed reporting like this, day after day, the average person off the street will believe it.

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