Panel finds CU professor Ward Churchill committed serious academic misconduct


A University of Colorado investigative committee has determined that CU Professor Ward Churchill has committed serious academic misconduct, but could not agree on a unified recommendation for discipline.

The committee found that Professor Churchill committed several forms of academic misconduct including; falsification, plagiarism, failure to comply with established standards regarding author names on publications, and serious deviation from accepted practices in reporting results from research.

They also found that Professor Churchill’s misconduct was deliberate and not a matter of an occasional careless error. The investigative committee found that similar patterns recurred throughout the essays it examined.

Three members of the Committee believe that Professor Churchill’s research misconduct is so serious that it satisfies the criteria for revocation of tenure and dismissal. Two members of the committee were so troubled by the circumstances under which the allegations (which they found were most all true) had been made that they decided to ignore Churchill’s guilt and recommend he not lose tenure.

You can read the full report here

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