Lorie Byrd is Leaving Polipundit

In the wake of President Bush’s speech last night, Lorie Byrd announced that she is leaving Polipundit as a result of editorial changes made by Polipundit:

The fact is that I believe this is the last time I will be blogging at Polipundit.

I received a lengthy email from Polipundit tonight alerting us to an editorial policy change that included the following: “From now on, every blogger at PoliPundit.com will either agree with me completely on the immigration issue, or not blog at PoliPundit.com.” I would provide additional context, but Polipundit has asked that the contents of our emails not be disclosed publicly and I think that is a fair request. There has been plenty written in the posts over the past week alone to let readers figure out what happened. Polipundit ended a later email with this: “It’s over. The group-blogging experiment was nice while it lasted, but we have different priorities now. It’s time to go our own separate ways.”

Polipundit has been one of my favorite blogs from the time I started reading blogs in 2004.

Lorie will still blog at her own site Byrd Droppings, so check it out.

Respectfully Disagreeing with Just About Everyone On the Right (Part 1)
"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. ... Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."


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