More Proof -If Needed- Hollywood Jumped The Shark

First I have to say, I don’t do movies. Not at the theater and very rarely at home. I can count on 1 hand the number of movies I’ve paid to see in the last 10 years. And all the ones I did see have a common theme. (Titanic, The Passion of the Christ, Forest Gump) In short, the only movies I find myself interested in are ones that are at least roughly based on some historical event.

The way I like to tell my friends, my momma told me enough bedtime stories as a kid, I don’t need any more.

But before I realized how boring movies were, I saw the original Poseidon Adventure. OK, to tell the story properly, I was like 6 years old when my older siblings brought me to the theatre and I cried like -well, a 6 year old- every time someone on the screen died. Years later I watched it again on TV and could actually appreciate the drama and the story.

Even though it was no Casablanca, I always felt a fondness for the movie since it was the first movie I recall seeing. I had toyed with the idea of watching the remake “Poseidon” when it came on satellite or something. In a moment of weakness I might have even paid $1.99 for the PPV though that would have admittedly been doubtful.

Until I got off the phone with a friend who had seen the remake but not the original. Now I can safely say I won’t be wasting my time.

[spoiler alert]

It seems the epic struggle of survival -where it was man going solo against the elements- has been replaced with a pseudo-MacGyver vibe where the characters keep finding things that might help them later.

But the reason I won’t go see it -and proof that Hollywood is now just a bad joke- there is no priest who gives his life to save everyone BUT they did insert a gay guy.

Everything has to be a statement in Hollywood. And I’m not going to pay to hear it hear the PC message. If Hollywood spent half as much time one their craft as they did their activism maybe they wouldn’t be dying.

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