I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored…

Over the weekend, Al Gore showed up on Saturday Night Live. I didn’t see it, but I’ve seen the clip of his “Oval Office Address” on a LOT of web sites since yesterday, and have had numerous opportunities to see it. And I find myself disagreeing with a lot of folks I normally side with (such as Rob Port) in saying that I loved it.

I like it when politicians are funny. (Note to Hillary Clinton: I said ARE funny. Not “politicians who try to be funny, and fail miserably.”) It humanizes them, it shows that they are actual people and not drones. And Gore was pretty damned funny.

I loved the reference to “Mexifornia” and “El Presidente Schwarzenegger.” (Even though under Mexican law, he could never hold elective office, as he wasn’t born in Mexico.) I immediately heard “Hasta la vista, baby.”

Glaciers? When aren’t glaciers funny?

Someone said he should have tied them together, mentioning how we now were beset with Canadian glacier refugees streaming across our northern border.

For the most part, it was a good blend of self-deprecation and absurdism, and the partisan digs were not too mean-spirited. I can actually see Bush as baseball commissioner after he leaves office — he really does love the game, he was one of “them” for a while, and it’d be a pretty good PR move for baseball.

In historical context, Gore was a lot funnier than Steven Colbert was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but not as funny as Bush was on the same occasion.

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