USA Today's NSA Poll

The folks at USA Today must have been a little dismayed when the first poll done after its NSA Phone Call Program article showed that a vast majority of Americans supported the NSA’s efforts. Interestingly, today the Gallup/USA Today poll came out, and it claims that 51% of the Americans polled don’t support the NSA program.

Dan Riehl doesn’t believe it, and neither do I. Dan was called for this poll, so he has interesting insight into the guts of the poll questions:

WASHINGTON — The majority of Americans disapprove of a massive Pentagon database containing the records of billions of phone calls made by ordinary citizens, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. About two-thirds are concerned that the program may signal other, not-yet-disclosed intelligence efforts directed at the general public.

By 51%-43%, those polled disapprove of the program, disclosed Thursday in USA TODAY. The National Security Agency has been collecting phone records from three of the nation’s four largest telecommunication companies since soon after the Sept. 11 attacks. This pole has some serious problems in my view.

Read the rest of the post. It’s very educational.

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