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I’ve repeatedly said that I think the UN is worse than useless. But now it’s officially gone from a bad joke to an obscene one.

It was pretty bad when it decided that Iran deserved a seat on the Commission on Disarmament. That’s the same Iran that is repeatedly flirting with acquiring nuclear weapons. But this week, it went even further.

It was time to elect member nations to the new Human Rights Council. This body, chartered to promote human rights and censure or sanction oppressive governments, is replacing the much-maligned (and justly so) Human Rights Commission. And winning seats on this body were such stalwarts of individual freedoms and liberties as the worker’s paradise of Cuba, China (land of mandatory abortions), Saudi Arabia (if you aren’t a Muslim male, you might as well be a slave), Pakistan, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

The United States saw which way the wind was blowing, and Ambassador John Bolton did the unthinkable: he walked away from it.

The UN is not only a joke, but it’s a joke that we are paying about half a billion dollars towards every year. We alone pay 22% of the UN’s total budget, and that’s just the “core” costs. We also gave them the land where the building stands, we have provided a huge number of the peacekeeping forces over the years, and we are the nation of first resort whenever a disaster (such as the 2004 tsunami) occurs.

At what point do we just pull the plug?

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