Florida Teacher In Hot Water Over Swimsuit Photos

A high school teacher is trouble over photos found on the site of The U.S. National Bikini Team. From The

A teacher at West Boca Raton High School is under investigation after school district officials learned about risque photos of her on a Web site.

Erica Chevillar, 25, is a first-year social studies teacher at the school. She is also one of about 80 models featured on the Web site of the USA National Bikini team, a Boca Raton-based company, according to the Web site. The site lists calendars for sale featuring scantily clad models dressed in bathing suits, provocative outfits or lingerie.

Chevillar, using the name Erica Lee, appears in outfits ranging from cleavage-baring jackets to skimpy bikinis in about two-dozen photos.

West Boca Raton High Principal Fran Giblin said he learned about the photos Wednesday after a parent complained. He turned the matter over to the district’s professional standards department, which handles investigations of noncriminal matters.

“I would certainly hope that we set the highest standards for our students,” Giblin said. “If this in fact is true, it’s a concern. A big concern.”

The district has only a general policy that requires teachers to behave “morally and ethically,” school district spokesman Nat Harrington said.

“There’s no policy that says what someone can or cannot wear or whether they can be photographed on the Internet,” Harrington said. “We expect our employees to use good judgment and appropriate behavior in all they do. The question now is whether this is appropriate or inappropriate.”

In the interest of furthering the debate over whether or not such activities are appropriate or not I’ve included the complete set of pictures from the U.S. National Bikini Team web site for Erica Lee.

Since their site is for the most part unreachable, I’ve made reposted the pictures below. They are swimsuit pictures – on the order of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition – so you may want to avoid them in a work environment. You’ve been warned…

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Chevillar says she’s going to quit teaching high school and start selling real estate. She’s probably got a pretty big bill to pay to her plastic surgeon for those boobs…

Update: USC Professor Dr. Diana York Blaine was in the news earlier this week for topless photos posted online – in case you’d totally missed the fact that it’s sweeps week for local newscasts. You’ll probably want to scratch your eyes out; but if you must see you can check her Flickr site (NSFW).

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