Why Dell Sucks Today

There’s an old saying in the newspaper business. Never get in a fight with a guy who buys paper by the roll and ink by the barrel.

And while Wizbang might not be the NY Times we have a fairly decent footprint and today I intend on using it.

A few recent Dell horror stories.

– I had a customer who bought a Dell laptop and had the screen go out. We shipped it to Dell and 3 months later they shipped it back. By that time it was out of warranty so when she had another part failed -just 2 days after she got it back- she was out of luck. A call to Dell got us scolded for not buying an extended warranty.

– I had a customer who was shipped the wrong thing -3 times- and had his charge card billed each time.

Then there was this week’s battle. I ordered a product on April 9th. Within a few days I got an email saying the ship date had slipped to May 2nd. I was annoyed but I let the order ride.

On May 2nd there was no package but an email saying I would get it May 9th. The 9th came and went and all I got was an email saying May 16th was the ship date. At this point I had had enough. So I picked up the phone and called Dell India.

India was polite enough but they couldn’t understand me and I wasn’t doing too well understanding them. 66 minutes later I convinced India to give me to someone who actually spoke the same language I did.

Another phone number got me to Oregon. After 32 minutes on the phone with Oregon, we came to the conclusion that nobody in Oregon knew when -or if- I’d ever get shipped a product. So Oregon sent me to another phone number where they could “absolutely” give me an answer. I tried every branch on that phone tree and could not even get a human. It was an automated system which simply said my order was “being processed.” – That much I already knew.

So I called Oregon again and after 23 minutes the guy told me that there was no way I was getting my product, that Dell no longer carried it. I asked why I kept getting emails saying the product would be shipped on a specific date and he explained to me that if their system sees a missed ship date that it automatically sends a mail out tacking 1 week onto the last ship date. — In other words, the emails were completely bogus. It was a lie. There was no ship date.

I told the guy I didn’t appreciate being lied to and he said that it was a computer sending the mail and computers could not lie only humans could.

So I drew a deep breath and explained that I did not appreciate the the humans at Dell who programmed their computer to lie to me. He then told me he didn’t appreciate me being rude.

I then asked -in a calm a measured voice- if he thought it was rude to take someone’s money then lie to them about when they would ship their product. He stammered a few times then put me on hold to flip me to some other person who was going to jerk my chain some more.

After 2+ hours, I hung up the phone and blogged it.

I might not get my product and I will certainly never get the 2+ hours of my life back they wasted, but I can spread the word how much Dell Sucks. The only thing does right is the make good monitors,

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