US Opts Out of UN Anti-Human Rights Council

The US has opted out of the UN Anti-Human Rights Council because it wanted to see which countries would be elected. This new body has proven to be a complete joke. Cuba, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Azerbaijan have been elected to serve.

Take look at how Castro’s media is spinning the news that Cuba has been elected to the council:

Havana, May 10 (ACN) Cuba’s election as a member of the UN Human Rights Council (UN-HRC) is a victory for President Fidel Castro and the Cuban People, said the island’s Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

Despite efforts by the United States and the European Union to block the island from being part of the UN-HRC, 135 countries voted in favor, meaning Cuba garnered more than two thirds of the votes at the UN body.

In a phone conversation from Madrid, Spain, the Cuban Foreign Minister pointed out that “Fidel Castro foresaw the Cuban victory and led us to it.”

The Cuban top government official said that his is the most important victory of Cuba’s foreign policy over the past 46 years and constitutes the recognition of Cuba’s work in the defense of the human rights of its people and other peoples of the world.

“It is recognition of the Cuban Revolution –of its proven prestige– with the added value that the election was won under the most difficult conditions, after the European Union decided to join the United States and other developed countries in a conspiracy to force a negative vote against Cuba,” said Perez Roque.

Perez Roque protested that the industrialized countries had attempted to pressure Third World nations to prevent Cuba from being elected to the UN-HRC.

The United States will not be part of the council. Critics have suggested that it is unlikely the US would have won a seat at all in a year when it is under investigation by the UN body for its treatment of prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

What a joke.

Gateway Pundit has much more.

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