A Peek Inside Bush's Terrible Poll Numbers

Byron York has an interesting article out that examines why President Bush’s poll numbers are so bad. Here’s what he found:

So Bush is losing support among those who have supported him for years. Why?

A look inside the latest numbers suggests several reasons, but it appears the president’s stand on immigration is the biggest drag on his support among Republicans–even more damaging than the disapproval caused by rising gas prices.

Of several issues specifically covered by the Gallup poll–the economy, foreign affairs, the situation in Iraq, terrorism, immigration, and energy policy–immigration is the only area in which more Republicans disapprove of the president’s policy than approve. And they disapprove by a significant margin: 52 percent of Republicans in the survey disapprove of Bush’s immigration policy, versus 40 percent who approve.

Although immigration is the worst, the president’s approval rating among Republicans is at best lackluster on a number of other issues. On the economy, 72 percent of Republicans approve of the president’s performance, while 26 percent disapprove–a strikingly high disapproval number given recent reports of high growth and low unemployment.

On foreign affairs, 72 percent of Republicans approve of the president’s performance, versus 25 percent who disapprove. On the situation in Iraq, 71 percent of Republicans approve, versus 28 percent who disapprove. On terrorism, 88 percent approve, versus 11 percent who disapprove. And on energy policy, 49 percent approve, versus 45 percent who disapprove.

Read the rest of the article. It’s quite interesting.

I am part of President Bush’s base that the media keep referencing. This my take on the issues:

I am very supportive of President Bush on the war on terror, the war in Iraq, and the economy. On all three of these issues, he has made decisions I understand and support. The economy is on fire because of the tax cuts he pushed. I support their being made permanent.

I’m ambivalent toward President Bush on energy. I don’t blame him for oil prices because they’re not his fault. But I didn’t like his comment that we are “addicted to oil.” Our consumption of oil isn’t the problem. It’s the consumption of foreign sources of oil that’s at issue here, particularly oil from the Middle East. We should be drilling for our own oil in ANWR, off the coast of Florida and California. This won’t get us completely dependent of foreign sources of oil, but each barrel of oil we can drill ourselves is one fewer barrel we have to purchase from a tyranical dictator.

The issue that I do not and can not support President Bush on is immigration. He seems to have more concern for the illegals who broke the law to get into this country than he does for the American citizens who are required to support them. President Bush’s policies encourage more immigrants to illegally cross the borders, yet he refuses to close the borders. I could begrudgingly accept some kind of guest worker program, but only after we have closed the border and dealt with the illegal aliens currently in the country, which President Bush won’t do. This is the issue that has me and the rest of his base really angry.

(Jay Tea adds: Will Franklin, Wizbang Guest Poster Emeritus, has looked at the demographics of those polled in the most recent AP/Ipsos survey, and compared them to those folks who actually voted in November 2004 — and it is amazing how little the two resemble each other. Ankle Biting Pundits also has it in a clearer, less sarcastic form.)

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