Navy Chaplain May Face Court-Martial For Praying in Uniform

It’s happening again.

NORFOLK, Va. — A chaplain stationed at Naval Station Norfolk said he could face court-martial for praying in uniform outside the White House.

Lt. Gordon Klingenschmitt said he prayed at a March 30 protest opposing Department of Defense rules forbidding military chaplains from invoking the name of Jesus Christ.

He’s accused of violating an order not to appear in uniform at news conferences in support of personal or religious issues.

The issue seems to hinge on whether his praying at the event was permissible participation at a bona fide religious service. Klingenschmitt is rejecting non-judicial punishment in favor of trial by court-martial

In addition, he’s filing a complaint against the Navy claiming the threat of punishment against him amounts to religious harassment and he’s appealing to the White House to end what he claims are the military’s attempts to take reprisals against a whistle-blower.

We tiptoe around other religions like Islam for fear of offending Muslims, but Christianity and the Christians who practice it are still open to public denigration.

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