More Innovation From Microsoft

I guess now that they gave up all hope of getting out Vista any time this year, they have more time to innovate.

Microsoft unwraps online advertising central

In an effort to attract more pay-per-click advertisements, Microsoft has launched the Microsoft AdCenter.

The service aims to allow for more relevant online advertisements to be displayed, which should lead to increased revenues for Microsoft and higher conversion rates for advertisers.

It lets advertisers bid on search keywords around which an advertisement appears, and offers additional targeting features that for instance control the geographic location of the target audience or the time of the day when the ads are displayed.

The service goes beyond online search advertising. Microsoft last year unfolded its Live Software strategy where it plans to introduce a series of free, ad-supported online applications such as email, blogging tools and security products.

After they just announced spending major bucks on R&D you’d think they could do more than recycle Google’s business plan from 1998.

Or maybe not.

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