Sheriff Arpaio Focusing on Illegal Immigration

I love Sheriff Arpaio. He’s a take no crap from anyone sheriff who actually enforces the law. This is what he’s doing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants over the Arizona border:

(CBS 5 NEWS) – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that approximately 100 volunteer posse and Sheriff’s Deputies will soon begin randomly patrolling the desert areas and main roadways in southwest Maricopa County as a part of an operation to curb the flow of illegal immigrants entering the county.

Arpaio made the announced just as 11 more illegal immigrants were being booked in jail after a Ford Windstar with California plates and 16 people packed inside was stopped by a Sheriff’s deputy early Tuesday morning on a traffic violation near Gila Bend.

Despite the growing controversy about illegal aliens nationwide, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office remains the only Arizona law enforcement agency willing to enforce a new state anti-smuggling law.

“There are so many illegals trying to make it into the county that it’s overwhelming my deputies, so I have called on members of my 3000 member volunteer posse to assist,” says Sheriff Arpaio. “It’s not only illegals we find and arrest out there, we’ve also made some recent huge drug seizures involving illegal aliens including nearly 100 pounds of methamphetamine and approximately three pounds of heroin.”

Now the Arizona lawmaker who sponsored this anti-smuggling law is dismayed that Arpaio is actually enforcing it:

The sheriff is using a new Arizona anti-smuggling law enacted in August to go after the immigrants. The lawmaker who sponsored the new law has said county officials are violating the measure’s intent, which was to go after smugglers not migrants.

The illegals who are smuggled across the border have to consent to be smuggled. They are just as guilty of breaking the anti-smuggling law as the smuggler. The fact that this lawmaker upset that his own law is being enforced goes to the heart of why we have such a terrible illegal immigration problem in this country. Our government officials are cowards.

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