More on Herndon, Virginia

Earlier today, Kevin posted about the ouster of the pro-illegal immigrant town council members in Herndon, Virginia. This story has been picked up and discussed by a number of bloggers because it demonstrates what the rest of America thinks about this issue and how they will vote in November.

Alexander McClure at PoliPundit:

The town of Herndon is one of the biggest bellweathers in the United States!

Herndon has this importance in spite of the fact that Herndon isn’t a state. It’s not even a county! It’s a town in western Fairfax County. But this does not matter. Becuase as you know, every election night, the attention of the citizens of the United States is focused on what Herndon County will do. I imagine it’s covered on Univision too for all the illegal aliens. “El pueblo de Herndo, el mas importante en los Estados Unidos, nos aparece votar para el candidato…” With bated breath, the candidates for President of the United States await the vox populi in this town of 21,655 people.

In regard to the complete rejection of pro-illegal alien politicians, Michelle Malkin asks, “Comprende, Washington?”

John Hawkins at Right Wing News:

All I can say is that George Bush and the Republicans in the Senate who are soft on illegal immigration better start thinking hard about what the ramifications of their position will be at the ballot box in November. As it is, things aren’t looking so hot and unless there are big changes in the Senate GOP’s pro-illegals stance, the situation seems unlikely to improve.

La Shawn Barber:

Most day center-supporting members got a swift kick to the curb, including Mayor Michael O’Reilly, who I called a fool for implying that taxpayers in Herndon had no right to influence the feds or their local legislators. How dare they complain about public funds being used for illegal purposes! Right now, O’Reilly’s probably wondering what right the people had to vote him out of office. Whatever America is — a democracy, a constitutional republic, a borderline Socialist nation, take your pick — a dictatorship it ain’t, and the people have the right, the duty, to express their will by voting and influencing people who write the laws.

Mary Katharine Ham at Hugh Hewitt asks, “Has the Backlashing Begun?”

Mark in Mexico:

In Herndon, Fairfax County, Virginia, 3000 voters dumped pro-illegal immigrant councilmen as well as the mayor, turning a town council that was 5-2 pro illegal alien job center into a 6-1 majority against. That’s the way it works there. One takes a stand based on one’s principles, beliefs or poll results, the majority disagrees, and it’s “Adios amigo, find other employment.”

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