Protesting our right to break your laws, Part II

Today is the grand strike — “a day without immigrants.” Naturally, what they mean is “a day without ILLEGAL immigrants,” because legal immigrants aren’t a problem. They are, in fact, an undisputed asset, while I have grave doubts that the same can be said about the illegal ones, who are hoping to ride the legals’ coattails into legitimacy. It makes me think of bank robbers simply calling themselves “undocumented withdrawers,” and holding protests for “customer rights.”

But I digress. The whole point I wish to raise here is just how wrong-headed this whole protest is.

A strike is, at its core, a show of strength. A show of resolve. A demand for what is perceived as justice and fairness.

One should only make such a power play when one has absolute, unshakable moral superiority. And that is utterly lacking in this case.

Oh, the attempt has been made, to paint the opponents of “immigration reform” (better translated into “we demand you reward us for breaking your laws, and change them so others can too”) as racists, xenophobes, and other horrible things.

The problem is that a very strong, very compelling (and, in my mind, superior) argument can be made for the other side. We are far more interested in protecting a minority here, a group that is being abused, exploited, defamed, and trampled upon. These people are the ones who we feel are far more deserving of protection, of respect, and are compelled to stand up for them.

These people are the legal immigrants. The people who have followed the rules, filled out the forms, obeyed the laws, waited in line, and come to the United States by the established procedures. Yes, they can be cumbersome, but 1) the US has the least cumbersome policies for immigrants in the world; 2) takes in more people than any other nation; and 3) it ought NOT be easy to pick up and move from one nation to another. It is a tremendously significant action, and must not be taken lightly.

The illegal aliens’ argument seems to boil down to “our home country, which we love dearly, sucks and we deserve to come to your country and make our lives better. We deserve it so much that we should be able to cut in line and come NOW, ahead of those stupid suckers who are actually following the rules. And if you don’t like us just walking in here like we own the place, because some of our ancestors kinda did a long time ago until they couldn’t keep it, you’re a bunch of racists and hateful bigots and you ought to shut the hell up.”

It’s a lousy argument, and the only reason it has any credibility is the sheer numbers behind it. And the only reason it has those sheer numbers is that for years, enforcement of immigration law has been a joke.

Is it too late for a return to sanity, to the rule of law, to the quaint notion of respecting the laws of a nation where you wish to live? Sometimes I fear so. This one-day show of force gives me pause.

Lord, I hope not.

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