Some Thoughts on Monday's Illegal Immigration Protests


At least the mayor of Los Angeles has his priorities straight.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles’ first Latino mayor in the modern era, will skip huge pro-immigration rallies planned for Monday to meet with pro football officials in Dallas, leaving organizers feeling like “a ship without a captain.”

Oscar Sanchez, an organizer of the Great American Boycott in Los Angeles, said the mayor’s office previously told the group he would speak at a downtown Los Angeles rally on Monday — then backed out.

Instead, the mayor will be in Dallas speaking with National Football League officials about the possibility of bringing a team back to Los Angeles.

Several things stand out in this article. First, these demonstrations are pro-illegal immigration rallies, not pro-immigration rallies as the article incorrectly states. Second, notice how Reuters quickly picked up and ran with the “Great American Boycott” ridiculousness pushed by the California Senate. And third, of course the mayor of LA chose to attend talks about bringing an NFL team to his city instead of these protests. A new NFL team would mean a huge influx of revenue for his city. How is it that the mayor’s choosing to do his job is news?

Update: Mark at Blogs for Bush says LA’s mayor has other motives for attending the NFL talks in Dallas – cowardice:

What the mayor has seen is how unpopular these demonstrations are with everyone who isn’t attending them – believe it or not, but the population of Los Angeles is not majority illegal immigrant – it just seems that way some times. For Villaraigosa, it is a matter of political survival – he wants to keep his radical, leftwing credential, of course, but he also wants to be re-elected in the by and by…and for that he’ll need the votes of, you know, American citizens who don’t like to see their flag disgraced, nor their national anthem sung in Spanish.

What? A politician sticking his finger in the air and then making a decision? Say it ain’t so!

Also, it seems rumors of raids may frighten some illegals from attending these protests. Pro-immigration groups are trying to get ICE to say publicly that it won’t make immigration arrests at the protests, which it, of course, won’t do.

But here’s a thought: rather than conducting raids during the protests, ICE agents should scour the cities in which these protests are taking place, particularly the larger ones, and identify the companies that are closed due to the fact its employees (most likely illegal employees) are attending the rallies. ICE should raid those companies the following day when the illegal immigrants are back to work. Then again, that would require ICE to do its job. Considering its track record on matters of illegal immigration, that’s unlikely.

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