Bumper Snickers

I sometimes get bored driving around, and I start looking at bumper stickers and other forms of decorations I see on other people’s vehicles. And two last week gave me a bit of a chuckle.

The first was a guy who has found his niche in life, and is making a hell of a go at it. He discovered a market for himself, a line of work that he could get other people to pay him to do, and he’s making the most out of it. The formal name of his business is “Dog-Gone-It Pet Waste Removal Service,” but the license plate reads “SCOOP4U.” And case you don’t get that, he has the URL of his business plastered across the gate of his pickup. He must be doing pretty well, too, because the truck looked pretty damned new. There’s gold in them thar… well, you get my drift.

The other one, although also on a Chevrolet, made me laugh AT the driver, not WITH him. The little SUV had dealer plates and a bumper sticker that read “SAVE JOBS / BUY AMERICAN.” A noble sentiment, but the sticker was affixed to a Chevrolet Tracker — which is simply a re-badged Suzuki Sidekick. Nothing like putting a big patriotic sticker on a Japanese vehicle…

Running on empty
Imperial Dipstick


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