Token resistance

Two stories in today’s Boston papers struck me as not necessarily directly connected, but possibly thematically so.

First, the MBTA announced that its fares were going up — by about 80%. And like all good bureaucrats, the spokesweasel held the news until 9:00 p.m. Friday night.

Secondly, Canadian officials have been plagued with counterfeit transit tokens of late. The fakes are nearly flawless, as far as the meters are concerned, and being sold on the streets for considerably less than the real tokens’ value of $1.90. The Canadians have — understandably — irritated about this, and have put considerable time and attention into tracking down the source of the bunko tokens.

Well, they think they have found who’s making them, and it looks like it’s a Massachusetts company. Offiicals won’t identify the company yet, as they haven’t any solid proof, but they are giving them a very hairy eyeball.

Ah, Massachusetts… always willing and eager for new ways to take people’s money, by hook or by crook, and almost never will the fleece-ees get actual value for the money they have extracted.

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