Press Conference Snapshots

The press was being delightful, as usual, this morning in separate press conferences with John Bolton and President Bush.

Here’s an actual question posed for Bolton. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s the gist:

How can we believe anything you say considering you lied to all of our faces in the run-up to the Iraq War? The plan for that war was laid out in 1996 in the Plan for the New American Century. How do you have any credibility at all other than having the biggest guns?

Wow, what a constructive, informative question. The answer to that one is sure to enlighten us all, no?

Bolton’s response?

Can I ask what media outlet you’re from?

I couldn’t hear the response.

Bush got in a zinger on David Gregory today. I can’t lie. I enjoy this kind of thing, but I’m glad Tony Snow is coming in to calm the waters. I don’t blame Bush for being snarky with them, but I think Snow’s approach may actually get Bush more of a fair shake. Um, maybe. But here’s the insult, just for fun.

Gregory: Can you tell us how your internal administration changes reflect what you’ve learned about what you need to do to turn this Presidency around?

Bush: We just keep accomplishin’ good things, you know? Givin’ good, comprehensive policies to the American people. You know, we got a strong economy….

Gregory: But the internal administration changes have been very public. What do they say about what you’ve learned? (fingers crossed, mouthing, “say you’re wrong, say you’re wrong, come on, say it!”)

Bush: Thank you for your penetrating question, David. I’m not gonna hire you if that’s what you mean. I’d like to, but you wouldn’t pass the background check.”

Michelle has another statement from the Bush press conference, and wonders why the sentiment isn’t reflected on the White House Web site.

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