Taking wing

A while ago, I took on the whole “chickenhawk” argument, shredding it as the dishonest, dishonorable tactic it is. Its transparency hasn’t diminished its popularity among its advocates, however.

A few bloggers have decided to take a leaf from Richard Pryor and some gay activists’ playbooks, though, and take the idiots’ most potent words (in their mind) and embrace them. Pryor led the movement to strip the power out of the word “nigger,” rendering it either taboo or powerless (depending on the utterer). The gays started proudly proclaiming themselves “queer” and “fags,” letting them answer what had been devastating insults with a casual “so?” dismissal.

In that vein, Captain Ed, Frank J, and Chief have decided to semi-formally incorporate the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, the Chickenhawks, whose proud slogan is “We Eat Chickens For Lunch.” (Personally, I would have preferred “Fighting Keyboardiers,” for a slightly more militaristic sound, but 1) nobody asked me, and B) it has a vaguely French flavor, so maybe it’s better off as is.)

I can’t formally commit Wizbang to joining this cause, since this ain’t my page, but I would personally be proud to be listed among their ranks.


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