And, We're Back!

We’re back up over at Hugh’s place.

I think most of the other blogs affected are back up, too.

Michelle Malkin reports:

300pm EDT update: Looks like most blogs are back up, but the story’s not over. Aaron at Aaron’s CC, the Hosting Matters blog singled out by the cyberjihadis, is also back up. But for how long? Hosting Matters announced:

oday, 11:46 AM This morning at approximately 10:00 AM Eastern time, we noted a sudden abnormal surge in traffic to the network.
Shortly thereafter, our upstreams confirmed that one of the servers within the network was the target of a massive DOS attack.

We worked with the NOC and the upstreams to further identify the target and steps were taken to isolate that target from the rest of the network.

Recovery on all segments except that target segment is complete. The target of the attack will not be brought back online and will be removed from the main network in the event they are the target of future attacks, so as not to negatively impact other clients.

We are currently working to address clients who may be on that same segment of the network to bring them back online.

Stacy – Hosting Matters, Inc.

But I couldn’t get Aaron’s site up, myself. Good luck, Aaron! Keep us updated.

Thanks for letting me hang out for a bit. I had a great time, as usual.

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