Anti-Military Activists Attack ROTC


Take a look at what ignorant anti-military jerks did to the UNC-Chapel Hill ROTC armory:



Here is another shining example of anti-military ignorance as reported in The News and Observer:

The e-mail, from someone calling himself “celest ialbeing” said, “Stop these recruitment centers that target poor people and people of color to fight to maintain the power structure that (literally and figuratively) imprisons us daily.”

Complete pap.

The Foxhole Philosopher discusses the role higher education has in stabbing our military in the back:

Higher education is at its pinnacle in the United States. Not only do places like Yale and Harvard still hold tremendous power in our collective consciousness, but also pretty much every town in the US, of any size, has a college of some sort. As much as CNN would try and spin it negatively, even the Chinese Communist People’s Daily admits that the United States is still a place many serious foreign students come to learn, especially for advanced degrees, with more that half a million foreign students studying here every year. If those students were fed a serious education that included the value of American society, and an honest look at our virtues that would be roughly 120,000 non-Americans that would have a pro-American, and presumably anti-terrorist outlook on the world. Instead, they are fed Anti-American and ant-Western vitriol such that on American Campuses they welcome and defend former members of the Taliban while ejecting American military recruiters. Who do they want to win anyway?

Update: OPFOR responds with “If you don’t want to fight “our” wars, don’t join up. There’s no draft, guys…”

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

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