Andrea Clark Update

The conservative and liberal blogosphere may have saved a life. (I was remiss to leave out the blogs on the other side of the “aisle” as we worked together on this one.) Hyscience has an update today about Andrea Clark:

We broke the news that Andrea Clark’s hospital is offering a deal that required her to be removed from their facility today. Ree-C Murphey (Lone Star Times) provides an update:

I have received an email from Andrea’s sister, Melanie, as well as talked with her on the phone.

I asked Melanie if the “deal” St. Luke’s offered in terms of paying for Andrea’s transportation to Illinois was correct. She wrote to me:

Yes, it’s true. We don’t want Andrea to be moved so far away from her family in Texas, but we are so frightened that another Texas hospital will start the futility process on her again, I think we have no other choice.

Think about that folks, the family is FRIGHTENED to have their sister in a Texas Hospital.

So, here we are, in Texas, having to move our sister to a hospital across the country. One way or another, I guess, this will break our family. What a horrible decision to have to make.

This should bring a chill to everyone’s spine.

The family will probably end up taking “the deal” and have Andrea transported to Illinois at St. Luke’s cost.

I hope my family fights for me like Andrea’s family has fought for her.

You can help Andrea’s family in their fight for her life. Please call St. Luke’s: 832-355-100; tell them how you feel about this (politely and calmly). Then pray for Andrea and her family. They need it.

Andrea isn’t out of the woods quite yet, but this is certainly good news.

Hat tip: Mary Katharine Ham and John Hawkins.


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