The White House Welcomes Tony Snow

As you know, Tony was named White House press secretary this morning.

I am really looking forward to watching Tony spar with the press corps. He’s got a backbone and won’t shrink from the games reporters like David Gregory and Helen Thomas will try and play with him. Since he is a former speech writer, he understands how to communicate President Bush’s policies. It’s also been reported that he won’t just be a mouth piece for Bush. Instead, he negotiated unprecedented access to Bush’s team and policy discussions.

The Political Pitbull has the video of the announcement.

Brian Maloney has a roundup of lefty reaction.

Take a look at how Think Progress presents Tony’s take on some key issues.

Hugh Hewitt offers his analysis:

I think Tony Snow took the job because he’s a patriot asked by the president to serve in a time of war. (See Mark Daniels’ comment on this as well.) I can’t think of anyone saying no to the president when thousands of American troops are in harm’s way and the task is a big one. That’s a little old-fashioned, I suppose, but Tony Snow brings some very old fashioned virtues to his new job.

Including especially good humor and sharp intelligence. Perhaps the best thing about this appointment is the very hostile WH press corps is suddenly confronted by an individual who has already out achieved them in the world of media, which means he knows their tricks and he knows their vanities. There are some smart folks in the WH press room, but there are plenty of pretty faces as well, and they know that Snow is a whole lot smarter than they are.


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