A sign from above?

I am starting to wonder if Someone Up There doesn’t want me to blog today.

First, my main computer wouldn’t boot fully. I’d get to the “WIndows” startup screen with the blue Cylon/K.I.T.T. light, and it just sat there. So I fired up my backup machine, and lemme tell ya, when you’re used to an Athlon XP 2000+ with a gig of RAM and Windows XP, it’s a hell of a step down to go to an Athlon 650 with 192MB of RAM and running Windows 98. Then, halfway through another piece, SOMEONE thought it would be funny to have a squirrel go into an electrical substation and fricasee himself, plunging me and about 2,000 of my neighbors into darkness — and sentencing my posting to The Great Beyond.

So I took the hint and went to the gym. (I get one day off midweek, one on the weekends.)

I’m back (somewhat sweatier and sorer), the squirrel has been donated to the local homeless shelter and rejected, and is now being flown out to the set of CSI as a prop. And I’m going to see how well I can reconstruct that posting from memory.

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