"Maybe if we ignore them, they'll just go away"

New Hampshire police have been cracking down lately on teenage drinking parties. I don’t recall any recent deaths, so it’s nice to see that it doesn’t always take a tragedy to prompt such action. A couple of parents are facing trial for hosting such parties (the standard defense seems to be “they’re going to do it anyway, so at least this way I can make sure nothing bad happens”), for example.

More often, though, the kids simply hold the parties without any adult supervision. Sometimes they rent an American Legion hall. That’s the exception, though. More often it’s a home owned by one of the kid’s parents, like this incident in Laconia.

The story reads like a sitcom. A bad one. The cops arrive, and the kid whose folks own the place is outside. She quickly locks the door and refuses the cops permission to enter. She insists there’s nobody there, despite the cars parked around the house and the cops being able to see and hear kids inside.

I have to give the cops credit — they actually didn’t just force their way in. They knocked and called into the house. They phoned the house. They even ran the plates of the cars in the yard, contacting the registered owners and tried to get their help. In the end, though, they did get a search warrant and broke into the house. Seven teenagers, including the girl whose parents own the home and who stood on the porch and refused the cops, ended up arrested.

Those cops showed a hell of a lot more patience than I would have.

(Update: link to story corrected. Doh! My apologies, and thanks to the readers who pointed it out.)

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