Well, that didn't take long…

A little while ago, a bunch of “immigrant activists” (translation: shills for illegal aliens) announced their plan to hold a one-day strike on May 1, when as many “migrants” (the current PC buzzphrase for those folks who deeply, sincerely, honestly believe that immigration laws only apply to other people, and just can’t be bothered to obey silly things like laws like the rest of us do, because THEY HAVE RIGHTS, DON’T YOU KNOW) would simply not work, in order to demonstrate just how important their contribution to our economy, culture, and way of life is. They were betting that they could demonstrate just how valuable they are.

I took their bet, and raised it: in addition to not contributing to the American economy for that one day, why don’t they make it a complete boycott and not partake of any public services either? Give back one day of welfare payments. No public transportation. No visits to the hospital’s emergency room. Don’t send their kids to school. Stay off the public roads. Just take one day to completely disappear from America. That way we can get a full and complete picture of not only their contributions, but the costs we pay for it.

At the end of that piece, I made a little prediction. I said that sometime before May 1, the organizers would find a reason to call it off. Then they would quietly encourage it to go on anyway, so they could still claim victory — “you see? We tried to get everyone to cancel it, but their feelings are so strong that all of those people did it anyway. Can you imagine how many would have participated if we hadn’t officially called it off? If that doesn’t prove our point to you…”

Well, thanks to brianbonner of the Wizbang! Bomb Squad, I’ve learned that less than a week after my prediction, the first part has come true. Citing the economic hardship to the illegal aliens if they miss a single day of work, as well as several unnamed employers’ threats to fire those who participate, they have compassionately agreed to cancel the protest.

In less than two weeks, we’ll see how right the second part of my prediction is. Normally, this is where I stick in a disclaimer, saying that I’m lucky if I can get one out of three predictions right (worse than simple random chance), but I feel pretty comfortable sticking my neck out on this one.

It’s a very transparent ploy. The sad part is how many will fall for it.

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