Hamas Calls Attack on Israel Legitimate

Hamas called today’s homicide attack in Tel Aviv a legitimate response to Israel’s “aggression.”

TEL AVIV, Israel (CNN) — A suicide bombing that killed nine people at an Israeli restaurant Monday provoked conflicting responses from Palestinian leaders, underscoring the recent power shift within the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas — whose Fatah Party was ousted in January parliamentary elections — condemned the Tel Aviv terrorist attack. But Hamas — the group that came to power — called the bombing justified.

Israeli Apache helicopters fired missiles into Gaza late Monday but the Israel Defense Forces denied it was retaliation.

The blast marked the first time a suicide bomber has successfully set off a bomb in Israel since the Hamas-led government assumed power over the Palestinian Authority on March 30. (Watch emergency responders work to save victims after the attack — 1:35)

The bombing occurred during a busy period of Passover and about two hours before Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, convened for its new term.

Israel now must deal with an entirely different situation with Hamas running the Palestinian government. From the Jerusalem Post:

Monday’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv was the most “successful” suicide bombing since Hamas formally took control of the Palestinian Authority and it – at least from Israel’s point of view – creates a new situation.

“We now face a Hamas government that not only does not stop terrorism, but condones it, encourages it and gives comfort to its perpetrators,” a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office said, explaining why this attack was different from previous ones.

Gateway Pundit reports that former Democratic Senator James George Abourezk blames zionists.

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