I hate my camera

Last month, I drove down to Salem to try and get Howie Carr to autograph my copy of his book, The Brothers Bulger. Unfortunately, I showed up too late, and they had closed the line.

Yesterday, Howie showed up at the Sam’s Club in Concord, NH, so I tried it again.

I barely made it in time, but I did make it..

One advantage of being so damned late, though: I managed to convince Howie to pose for a quick picture. I shoulda double-checked the settings on my camera first, because it came out damned blurry, but for what it’s worth, here it is:

Howie and new friend.

I was supposed to get a copy for a friend, but they’d sold out within half an hour of his arrival. So I flew down to a nearby bookstore and grabbed a copy, then raced back up the Heights to get that signed, too — and missed him by mere minutes.

Oh, well… that’s the price of being a procrastinator.

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