In Defense Of Donald Rumsfeld

Gateway Pundit has a thoroughly comprehensive post that outlines in detail the successes and failures Donald Rumsfeld has had since taking on the position of Defense Secretary.

Update: More generals have come out in defense of Secretary Rumsfeld.

Update II: James Lewis at The American Thinker argues the retired Generals who have come out demanding Secretary Rumsfeld’s resignation are doing so because they are auditioning for the next potential Democrat administration.

Like so many CanCan dancers strutting their shapely legs before a lustful audience, the Clinton generals seem to be auditioning for the next Democrat administration…

…[S]eeing retired general officers pick up the pompoms and cheerleading for the Democrats is really over the top: it shows nothing but contempt for military honor and tradition…

…It’s a degrading spectacle for the military. If the general officers are back-stabbing their civilian leaders in public, what is to keep the grunts and NCO from doing it to the generals? The answer is: Nothing. The political generals are risking a return to Vietnam, when “fragging” became a term of art. This is not good for the country, and it’s terrible for the military.

The generals, unfortunately, don’t care.

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