Hoist by his own petard?

There’s an interesting story in this morning’s Boston Herald. It concerns one Jeffrey Herman, a longtime substitute teacher. He is a bit miffed because he’s been blackballed by the headmaster of English High School. He says he is being punished for his political beliefs, and he just might be right.

Mr. Herman is apparently no fan of the military and the present administration. Last year, he had his students write letters to President Bush discussing his performance as president (no word on whether they were steered towards criticizing him). Also, at a public meeting last month, Herman urged the school to discontinue its JROTC program.

The problem is that the headmaster of the school, Jose Duarte, is an Army Reservist who said at that meeting that critics of the JROTC program should “just get a life.” Also, Mr. Duarte opens each school day with reveille played over the PA system.

It’s a tough call. I think thatMr. Herman is wrong in his political beliefs, and a bit of an asshat to boot. But his statements were made at a public forum, and everyone should have the right to speak freely at such events.

However, if he let his politics stray over into the classroom, and was proseltyzing the students into bashing Bush for credit, then Mr. Duarte is fully within his rights to ban him from teaching at the school. In fact, he would be remiss in his duties if he did not.

The story doesn’t give enough details for me to decide.

I think the most refreshing element of this story is that the idea of a conservative Army reservist serving as a school administrator. I was convinced that nearly every one of those were liberals, wimps, droning bureaucrats, or some combination of all three.

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