Rep. Jack Kingston Gets It: The GOP Needs Blogs

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) gets the importance of blogs in getting out the GOP’s message:

Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston says Republicans need to use the Internet better to connect with nontraditional voters and to monitor the concerns of constituents heading into this year’s midterm elections.

“It’s the new talk radio. We can connect with new people who will come out and vote for us,” said Mr. Kingston, vice chairman of the House Republican Conference, who has a blog and writes an occasional “diary” for the popular conservative site

On Monday, Mr. Kingston held an hourlong conference call with conservative bloggers. Unlike most conference calls, which traditionally target a specific issue, Mr. Kingston allowed participants to address topics ranging from Iraq to illegal immigration.

Popular conservative blogger Matt Margolis, who has participated in several of Mr. Kingston’s conference calls, said such interactions provide insight and access to bloggers, and, ultimately, will help legislators get out an unfiltered message.

“Republicans need bloggers to help get their message out, while Democrats have been able to rely on the mainstream media,” said Mr. Margolis.


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