Mayday for America

The latest tactic of those pushing for shredding our immigration policy and erasing our borders reforming our immigration laws and policies and decriminalizing the 10-million-plus illegal aliens in the country is to threaten a one-day strike. On May 1, they propose, NO illegal aliens undocumented workers migrant workers migrants will work, will shop, will in any way participate in our economy. They intend that this will show America just how valuable their contribution to our economy is, and help convince most Americans that it’s time to forgive and forget, MoveOn, and just put all this silliness about laws and procedures aside.

Several commenters have discussed the symbolism of May 1 as the target date. They cite the involvement of International A.N.S.W.E.R., the IWW, and several other groups with Marxist/socialist ties who are major behind the scenes players in the recent protests, and remind us that May 1 is May Day, the most revered (can’t quite call it “the holiest”) day to Communism. I’m not quite sure I buy into that — after all, May 1 is the first day of the next month, barely two weeks away, and it happens to fall on a Monday — but I’m sure it was recognized as a happy coincidence by those so inclined to celebrate that political movement that’s racked up a body count well into nine figures on its way towards building the perfect society. After all, what’s a hundred million or so corpses when you’re trying to perfect a system that’s never worked, and most likely never can work?

But I digress. Back to the threatened strike. I say bring it on. In fact, I say expand it.

I modestly propose that in addition to a one-day stoppage of contributing to the economy, the illegal aliens also take a holiday from enjoying the benefits of being in America. For that one day, they should stay off the publicly-funded roads. They should not attend taxpayer-supported schools. They should stay out of taxpayer-supported hospitals. Take no public transportation. Refuse any government assistance entirely. Give back any public support they receive for that one day. Just for that one day, completely and utterly cease to exist to America.

That would be a far truer test of the costs and benefits of having so many illegal aliens in the country.

A day without illegal aliens? Bring. It. On.

Of course, my suggestion will never fly. The whole point of the demonstration is to show the benefits of having these folks around, not to discuss the costs. And I strongly suspect that as May 1 looms closer and closer, the organizers will find some excuse to cancel it publicly — while at the same time quietly encouraging it to go forward. That way, they can point to any inconveniences as “the price of having even a few rogue strikes,” hinting that that is the mere tip of the iceberg as to what could have happened had they actually gone on ahead.

How do I find it so easy to predict their actions? It’s simple. I just ask myself “how could I best achieve my goals with a minimum of effort, if I were not encumbered by conscience, ethics, scruples, integrity, or fear of the media exposing my scheme?” When I think of it that way, it’s usually pretty obvious.

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