Matt Stone And Trey Parker Rule The Universe


Really, what other explanation can there be?

South Park airs Part II of their Cartoon Wars storyline and there’s a bit about Comedy Central censoring the image of Mohammed from appearing in the episode. Immediately after that Jesus is shown pooping on an American flag and other people.

There’s all sorts of discussion in the blogosphere about the hidden meanings of the episode and the cowardice of the network. NRO’s Steven Spruiell even contacted the network about the censorship and proclaims their statement, as proof the network silenced the South Park creators – never mind that Mohammed has appeared in previous episodes and is in the intro.

I’m not buying it…

Matt and Trey, with the willing (or unwilling) participation of Comedy Central executives are experimenting with the blogosphere. While it may be true that the network refused to broadcast the image, it’s entirely possible that the they situated Mohammed in an image guaranteed to require censorship. Think bestiality, kiddie porn,, etc…

They’re probably watching the discussion unfold and getting a good laugh out of it… or some fresh material…

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