Too Much Happy Talk on the Economy

So says Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton called Tuesday for a new national economic strategy that combines fiscal discipline with broad health-care reforms, a rebuilding of the nation’s public works and innovation in such fields as energy research to foster success for the middle class…

…”I suggest that we agree on the need for an economic strategy that keeps our economy growing and creating good jobs in the face of new competition, and that we strengthen the middle class–which is, after all, the engine of our growth and the backbone of our democracy,” said the former first lady, who was born in Chicago and grew up in Park Ridge.

“The truth is, we can’t be secure without a strong economy and we can’t sustain our deepest values without an economy that rewards hard work,” she said. “Too much that comes out of Washington these days is either defeatist, denials or happy talk.”

Clinton aides said her speech was aimed at discussing ideas rather than sounding a purely partisan tone. At the same time, she echoed several themes consistent with past Democratic complaints that while the nation’s economy may appear buoyant to some, it has failed to lift low- and middle-class taxpayers.

Unemployment at only 4.7% and high paying, high quality jobs don’t mean anything – they’re just “happy talk”?

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