Serious giggles

OK, I’m a bit short of time for posting today, so instead of something substantive, I’m going to share a couple of the funnier things I’ve seen online lately.

The first is an entry in the Chevy Apprentice contest, where folks are invited to create their own commercials for the new Chevrolet Tahoe. Some are taking the challenge seriously, a great many are using it to vent their unhappiness with SUVs and their impact on the environment.

And one guy created what has to be the most politically incorrect commercial ever. This guy is my new hero.

Next, we have a rather odd notion. What happens when a couple of major sci-fi geek gets it into their heads to combine two wildly disparate elements? Why, you get the Jedi Chefs! And if those fanatics start stalking sci-fi conventions, they might be tempted to try to get a celebrity to play along. Or two. Or maybe a few more. Or, perhaps, if you’re really persistent, over 100.

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