Blogger Hosting "Boy Love" Site

Blogger is hosting a pedophilia site called “Paiderastia” The Boy Love Revival, which promotes sexual relationships between men and adolescent boys.

The site tries to portray these relationships are “mentoring.” Just take a look at the blog’s description:

Pederasty, as idealized by the ancient Greeks, was a relationship and bond between an adolescent boy and an adult man outside of HIS immediate family. This is modernized in today’s culture as gender neutral by a relationship and bond between an adolescent child and an adult outside of their immediate family. In a wider sense this refers to erotic/mentor/spiritual love between adolescents and adults. Building Bridges!

Building bridges?

World Net Daily published an article about this site today:

A marriage and family therapist intern is trying to convince Google to drop a website from its popular, free blog host that promotes “boy love,” sexual relationships between men and adolescents.

Stacy L. Harp of Orange, Calif., told WorldNetDaily one of the readers of her weblog pointed out the site, called “Paiderastia: The Boy Love Revival.”

At the top of its homepage, the site explains it’s all about “erotic/mentor/spiritual love between adolescents and adults.”

Harp said, however, that not long after she exposed it yesterday morning, the “Paiderastia” site removed its most recent posts, including one dated April 9.

Also removed, according to Harp, was a podcast – a file with a radio-style report – that mocked the FBI. It was created through the podcast provider Liberated Syndication.

The site now begins with a Feb. 15 post that outlines the “Boylove Code of Ethics,” which includes this rule: “Intimacy with a boy should never develop into a sexual relationship without the boy fully consenting and understanding the social, legal, and health implications of the relationship.”

The site, in fact, has a new post dated today listing the Bill of Rights. A commenter responded with this:

I don’t see an amendment that would justify in any fashion vampirism of innocents.

Someone like you infested my family years ago. Inspiring my younger brother to suicide before he left his teens, and planted a deep psychological infection in myself that has discolored my entire life.

The history of this evil in ancient Greece cannot be considered a justifcation of this cultural poison considering the fact that this once great society collapsed under the preasure of massive societal ills.

Chaos Magical theory suggests the following:

“When everything is permitted Nothing is True.”

Lies cannot support any positive spin on blind evil.

The Jawa Report has even more about this blog’s filth.

If you are just as revolted about this blog as the rest of the civilized world, Stop the ACLU has actions you can take:

Give blogger a wake up call! Flag the site! Email them, and let them know how you feel. If you have a blog there, consider moving it. Their service sucks anyway. Try out blogsome. It is a free wordpress site, or get your own host…

…You can contact Google at their company headquarters either by writing directly, or calling or emailing them.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
phone: 650-253-0000
fax: 650-253-0001

You can also report this perverted site to the following online agencies.

Fill out a report at the Cyber Tipline website and ask them to follow up on the isp’s and other information found on this website.

You may also email Google’s blogger at [email protected] or [email protected] and let them know you want this site removed and others like it.

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