Taking Freedom of the Press One Step Too Far

I hesitate to even post this but considering it has been in the San Francisco Chronicle and Drudge picked it up, it isn’t exactly a secret.

From the Chronicle:

Web site exposes Air Force One defenses

Whenever the president travels, security is a prime consideration. Motorcade routes are kept secret, and premature release of information about a presidential trip aboard one of the twin Air Force One planes can result in the Secret Service canceling a visit.

Thus, the Air Force reacted with alarm last week after The Chronicle told the Secret Service that a government document containing specific information about the anti-missile defenses on Air Force One and detailed interior maps of the two planes — including the location of Secret Service agents within the planes — was posted on the Web site of an Air Force base.

The document also shows the location where a terrorist armed with a high-caliber sniper rifle could detonate the tanks that supply oxygen to Air Force One’s medical facility.

As of Friday, the document was still posted online. The Secret Service refused to comment on the document’s release.

Why on earth publish this?

The media loves to hide behind the “Public’s right to know” and “The good of the people.” What good is served by telling the world these documents are available?

Starting with minimal knowledge, really no more than what is in this article, I managed to find them in minutes.

The story does not say who the paper contacted or when about the file. Even if the paper has known about it for a year they should not have published this story. — Or at least not given the amount of data they did. They all but gave the URL and urged people to get it!

I won’t disclose how I did it but when I used the proper search string it was the 3rd hit.

I find it hard to believe the Chronicle did not realize they were jeopardizing Presidential security for years to come.

You know the old line about rights coming with responsibilities. I think the San Francisco Chronicle was totally irresponsible.

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