Study: A Great Economy is Bad for Americans' Health

According to Christopher Ruhm, researcher for the National Bureau of Economic Research, the robust economy is bad for your health.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – If a high-fat cholesterol-laden snack doesn’t trigger a heart attack, then a healthy economy just might.

The risk of a fatal heart attack rises when the U.S. economy strengthens and increases further if macroeconomic conditions remain robust over the next several years, according to a study published last month.

The death rate rises in the year the economy expands and grows further if the lower rate of joblessness is maintained, Christopher Ruhm wrote in his study.

A 1 percentage point drop in unemployment is estimated to raise mortality by 1.3 percent or 2,515 additional deaths per year from heart attacks, the study showed. The mortality rate is similar for males and females.

Bloggers on the left will blame Bush for this.

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