Search and Destroy Journalism

Today, The New York Times writes about Jared Paul Stern and his attempt to extort money from a California billionaire.

Apparently, Mr. Stern let the cat out of the bag when he said that today’s journalistic tendencies are to destroy people:

In the March 31 meeting, Mr. Burkle mainly haggled with Mr. Stern over how his payments should be made: in cash, as Mr. Stern wanted, or by wire transfer, as the authorities had pressed Mr. Burkle to insist, according to a person involved in the investigation.

In that meeting, the person involved in the investigation said, Mr. Stern spoke of Page Six’s power.

“We know how to destroy people,” Mr. Stern said, according to a person reading a transcript of the meeting. “It’s what we do. We do it without creating liability. That’s our specialty.”

Don’t let the Times’ argument that search and destroy journalism is exclusive only to Page Six and other gossip columnists. This tendency is alive and well in the MSM. The most recent example is NBC and Dateline and their attempt to smear an entire group of people, NASCAR fans, as anti-Muslim, anti-Arab bigots.

The American Thinker points out that The New York Times itself has engaged in this kind of journalism as well.

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