Just a couple things…

These are probably just straw-man arguments, but these are a couple of thoughts that have come to me with the latest illegal alien “compromise” bill being kicked around Congress, and the amnesty provisions thereof.

  • The liberals like to refer to these illegal aliens as “undocumented.” If they’ve been here for longer than five years, then they can get that all forgiven very easily. If they can “document’ their presence here for that long, why the hell couldn’t they “document” themselves here legally in the first place?
  • A lot of illegal aliens use forged documents to get by nowadays — drivers’ license, social security cards, and the like. What’s to keep them from faking more documents that “prove” that they were here long enough to qualify for the five-year amnesty plan?
  • Anyone care to speculate on the market price of forged documents that “prove” someone has been in the United States for five or more years if this bill looks like it might succeed?

I’m sure there are sensible, logical, reasonable answers for these and many more questions and concerns I find myself facing. There are many fine people, Democrats and Republicans, who support this plan and have wonderful, compelling reasons why it’s so good for the country.

I just can’t bring myself to believe them.

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