Own A Ford Truck? Beware Spontaneous Combustion

Last night our entire neighborhood was awoken around 1:30AM by the sounds of fire engines, sirens blaring, racing down our quit street. Two houses down a car parked in the driveway was engulfed in a ball of flame. The car was a Ford Expedition and the resulting fire left all of the assembled neighbors a bit confused. How and why does a car just catch fire in the middle of the night for no apparent reason?

This morning a little Google research indicates that it’s an all too familiar occurrence. From a February 2006 article at Consumer Affairs:

Despite a massive recall announced in September, Ford trucks are continuing to catch fire and burn — some of them covered by the recall, some not.

The September 2005 recall involved an estimated 3.8 million Ford trucks from the 1994-2002 model years; it included the Ford F-150 pickup as well as the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Bronco SUVs.

But the recall is moving slowly. Ford says replacement parts are not yet available. Meanwhile, trucks continue to burst into flames and — in many cases — Ford representatives stonewall the affected consumers despite the recall, according to reports filed with ConsumerAffairs.Com.

Adding fuel to the flames, recent fires suggest additional Ford trucks are afflicted by the flaw that led to Ford’s reluctant and long-delayed recall.

A read of these consumer nightmarish experiences was particularly instructive, as collectively it pretty much described what happened in to our neighbor last night.

If you own a Ford truck you definitely should think twice about parking it in a garage, and possibly about whether it’s worth the risk of owning…

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