Immigration Compromise Collapse: Bloggers React

Today, the immigration compromise foundered in the Senate.

Here are reactions from the conservative blogosphere:

Dafydd at Big Lizards:

I cannot, will not join in this Snoopy dance of glee at the complete inability of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to come to agreement on a very fair and reasonable immigration compromise. Every single substantive objection on either side can be fixed. The fixes are not difficult to find. There is only one objection that is insurmountable: liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans appear have allied to force the bill to collapse.

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters:

The GOP needs to hang tough on immigration. We have a historic opportunity to do something right for border security and immigration policy for the first time in generations through the control of the House, Senate, and White House. Just as they did with judicial nominees, the Republican Senate caucus has shown a lack of will to fight for its agenda — and they will inspire a similar lack of enthusiasm among conservative voters in November if they continue to run up the white flag every time the Democrats challenge them on core issues.

Gateway Pundit:

Maybe now the government can work on a strategy to enforce the existing laws!

La Shawn Barber:

It’s good to know that some Republicans in Congress are actually conservatives who care about this country. I hope the amnesty-for-illegal-aliens bill continues to stall. Pardoning illegal aliens and allowing them to continue benefiting from their illegal activity sends a strong message to others inclined to disregard America’s immigration law. It also sends a message to America’s hard-working legal citizens and residents: screw you.

Michelle Malkin:

On Monday, April 10, the anti-borders crowd is coming out of the shadows again to pressure spine-challenged Beltway pols to pass the sellout plan. Got a camera handy?

DJ Drummond at Polipundit:

The problem then for President Bush is not so much that he is on the wrong side of the issue, but that as the Chief Executive of the nation he has not done so well in bringing the teams together in a common effort, and in explaining his priorities and vision to the nation. People sense that Dubya’s on the right road, but the lack of firm details makes it hard to stay on that road with him for many people. This allows Democrats to weasel out of the fact that they either have no alternative to present, or else simply do not wish to control our borders, and it allows egotistical politicians to demagogue the issue and prevent effective discussion of the issue.

John at Power Line:

So now is the time for conservatives to make ourselves heard. We are running a poll on Power Line News, where you can express your preference as to what the top priority of our immigration policy should be. We hope the results may have some influence with lawmakers–Republican lawmakers, anyway–as they approach a decision on this important issue.

The Corner:

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-’08) wanted a vote on the Hagel-Martinez compromise, and so he sent the bill back to the Judiciary Committee with instructions that the committee strip out the Sessions-Nelson enforcement bill and add in the Hagel-Martinez compromise.

The committee complied, and sent the bill back to the floor with the changes Frist wanted. This morning, the Senate voted 38-60 against cloture on the Hagel-Martinez compromise, and 36-62 against cloture on the original Judiciary Committee bill – effectively killing both. The similar margins, the staffer says, “show you that the compromise didn’t get us very far.”

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