The 10 Spot – Freakshow Edition

A collection of totally unrelated, but highly entertaining, links to news stories you might have missed.

  1. The Masters, a tradition unlike any other… – [Deadspin]
  2. In case you’re wondering, American Idol’s Mandisa could be going home tonight. – [Wizbang Pop!]
  3. From the Wayback Machine. Cynthia McKinney, Billy McKinney, and the J-E-W-S. – [PhotoDude]
  4. Something tells the release date for Ann Coulter’s new book is no accident, but a deliberate attempt to drive the left nuts… – [Amazon]
  5. Candidate slogan, “Time for a change,” is the understatement of the year. – [DeseretNews]
  6. CNN p0wned by the new media. – [Talking Points Memo]
  7. Katherine Harris has gone all kinds of crazy. Just get a look at her new campaign staff – [Wonkette]
  8. They can’t all be Debra LeFave – [The Smoking Gun]
  9. Anna Benson, wife of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson has evidently finished sleeping with all his former Mets teammates and is going to give the marriage another go. – [NYP]
  10. Bah bah rainbow sheep? Political correctness takes Britain by storm – [TimesOnline]
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