He Fought the Law and Law Won

SO this guys plays a tune from The Clash and suddenly he has The Police On His Back.

Playing The Clash made man a terror suspect

A mobile phone salesman was hauled off a plane and questioned for three hours as a terror suspect – because he listened to songs by The Clash and Led Zeppelin.

Harraj Mann, 24, played the punk anthem London Calling and classic rock track Immigrant Song in a taxi before a flight to London.

The lyrics to both tracks made the driver fear his passenger was a terrorist.

The words of the Clash track begin: “London calling to the faraway towns, now war is declared and battle come down.” And Led Zep’s Immigrant Song goes: “The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands, to fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!”

Mr Mann, of Hartlepool, Teesside, had boarded the plane at Durham Tees Valley Airport when the flight to Heathrow was stopped and he was arrested by police.

I guess the guy fit the Right Profile of a terrorist. Obviously the Taxi Driver was a Long Time Jerk who should go Straight To Hell. Just becasue the guy liked to Rock the Casbah doesn’t mean they had to turn him into The Prisoner… I mean, it’s not like he pulled a Tommy Gun and told the driver it was Armagideon Time. You’d think this poor music fan was one of The Magnificent Seven or a Bankrobber.

This never would have happened back in the 1977 but of course those were Groovy Times. This is why it is important when you are trying to decided if you should Stay or Go that you Know Your Rights so you can tell to police to Cut the Crap or you’re likely to spend 48 Hours behind Jail Guitar Doors.

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