DIY American Idol

Proving all it takes is talent -and a little buzz- to make it in the music industy, a 24 year old British girl got signed by Sony/BMG after webcasting her singing from her basement.

Webcast singer snapped up by Sony

LONDON, England — A British singer has signed up by a major record label after broadcasting live performances from her living room on the Internet.

Sandi Thom, 24, is now on the books of RCA/SonyBMG after signing with the label at her flat on Monday night.

She built up a daily audience of more than 100,000 people around the world.

Speaking on British television, Sandi said she could not believe what had happened and that her life had “changed dramatically.”

“I don’t think I have quite realized it just yet,” she told GMTV.

“It has obviously changed for the better. “I have managed to get massive amounts of exposure through using the Internet and that is something that people have struggled to do for years.”

Several record labels had approached the aspiring star following her Webcasts, which were broadcast on 21 consecutive nights.

Only 21 days and she doesn’t have to deal with that annoying Ryan Seacrest. She’s already created quite a buzz. Look for more of this as the old guard of entertainment biz struggles to live in a digial world.

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