Cynthia McKinney Will Speak…Again

Rep. McKinney (D-GA) is supposed to have another press conference this morning at 10:30am. We’ll see what she says this time.

And over the weekend, Rep. McKinney attended a peace rally in Atlanta:

ATLANTA (AP) — Wearing her trademark cornrows, a familiar Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney took the stage Saturday, addressing hundreds of protesters at a rally calling for peace in Iraq and attention to domestic issues including healthcare, education and voting rights.

“Bring our troops home now!” she told the applauding crowd.

“The American people don’t want war. The troops don’t want war. Americans want peace! America has a lot more to give the world than a shock and awe bomb.”

McKinney, under fire for an altercation with a Capitol Hill police officer earlier this week, was among the speakers at the “Peace in Iraq and Justice at Home” march and rally. Organizers
said as many as 4,000 people participated in the event, which began at The King Center in downtown Atlanta and winded two miles to Piedmont Park, in Midtown.

Lowell Ponte of FrontPage Magazine asks if Rep. McKinney is the face of the new left. Considering her loony leftist stand on the war in Iraq, I’d say yes. Ponte outlines Rep. McKinney’s far left voting record. Here is a portion:

McKinney began her political career in 1988, winning election to the Georgia state legislature. With the help of her father – a member of the state legislature’s House of Representatives – she was given a seat on the redistricting committee that in 1991 re-drew congressional districts, some of which were tailored to elect African-Americans. In 1992 McKinney ran and won in one of those districts she helped gerrymander.

Congresswoman McKinney immediately joined the radical Progressive Caucus. The group Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) rated her voting record 95 percent on the left side of legislation. She also joined the Congressional Black Caucus.

McKinney votes 100 percent pro-union, according to the AFL-CIO. She also has a solidly “pro-education” voting record, according to the National Education Association (NEA), which shares her ideology. McKinney earned this honor in part by voting in 1998 to deny vouchers to the 70 percent of African-American parents in Washington, D.C. who want to liberate their children from inferior, unionized public schools that were destroying the futures of young blacks. McKinney sided, instead, with the teacher union bosses.

McKinney opposed President George W. Bush’s tax cuts, endorsing instead the Progressive Caucus’ “American People’s Dividend,” a payment of $300 to every person in America, the same for all whether a person paid $1 million in taxes or $0.

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