"Bush Was Right"

I’m not much of a music critic, but this particular song got me thinking.

First of all, the tone and feel of the song seems a bit derivative — I can’t point to any precise elements, but I get a very similar vibe off it that reminds me of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” It might be the laundry-list and political factors, but it just seems too similar for a coincidence.

Secondly, the guitar riff in the chorus has a certain juvenile derisive, mocking tone to it. It gives me mixed feelings — I kinda like it, but I can see how some might think it too juvenile and that it detracts from the message of the song.

Third, it’s too overtly political for my tastes. There isn’t anything in it that I haven’t said myself, but I generally don’t like music that’s so hard-core political. I didn’t like Sting’s “Russians,” and this is even more flagrant — if on the other side.

Regardless, it’s interesting. The music itself is kind of catchy, and the message behind the lyrics is dead-on accurate.

(Tip of the hat to Pierre LeGrand for pointing out the video)

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