Billy Packer, April Fool

There’s no big April Fools hijinks planned for this year, only a wish… My wish is that Billy Packer has to eat an April Fools Day helping of crow, courtesy of the most unlikely Final Four team ever…


In what has to make the hearts of Florida fans sink just a little bit, it was reported this evening that Packer is firmly on the Gator bandwagon.

George Mason’s coach Jim Larranaga should thank his lucky stars for Packer’s continued disrespect of his Patriots – on Selection Sunday he famously questioned their inclusion in the field of 65 teams. They’ve already beat the best team in college basketball (Connecticut) and last years national champions (North Carolina) during their improbable run at immortality. I little more Packer enmity might propel them two more games…

Billy Packer more than just a rallying cry for George Mason – [Scott Fowler/Charlotte Observer]
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